Mountains of Hope - 2021 Mini Grant

reducing the burden of cancer in West Virginia

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Mini-grant Overview


The Mountains of Hope Cancer Coalition is soliciting proposals for community level projects focused on reducing the burden of cancer. Mountains of Hope is West Virginia’s Comprehensive Cancer Coalition and the author of the West Virginia Cancer Plan. The Coalition facilitates state-level and community level collaborations to reduce the human and economic impact of cancer in West Virginia.


Grant application guidelines

  •  Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on October 30th, 2020. Incomplete or late materials will not be accepted.

  • All proposed projects must relate to at least one WV Cancer Plan aim.

  • Applicants are required to be a Mountains of Hope member and attend at least two coalition meetings. To join, go to MOH.WV.GOV and select "MOH Member Registration" at the top right corner.

  • Applicants must demonstrate community support through collaboration with community members, local businesses, local health-related organizations, cancer patients, members of the priority population, and/or others in implementing project activities.            

  • Applicants are required to select two ways to report back to Mountains of Hope.   

  • Applicants must have their fiscal agent located within the state of West Virginia to be eligible for funding.


  • Previous grant awardees must satisfactorily complete all previous grant requirements before applying for new funding. 

More about Mountains of Hope!

Mountains of Hope is West Virginia’s Comprehensive Cancer Coalition. The Coalition is composed of individuals who are reducing the impact of cancer in our state. These individuals represent a variety of groups and organizations including state and local governments; private and nonprofit organizations; health, medical, and business communities; academic institutions and researchers; cancer survivors, caregivers, advocates, and others.


Mountains of Hope developed the West Virginia Cancer Plan to provide a framework for addressing cancer in the Mountain State. The Cancer Plan enhances communication throughout the state’s cancer community, maximizes limited resources, identifies gaps in services, decreases duplication of efforts, and identifies common challenges in the fight against cancer.

Applications Must Demonstrate the Five Asks from HPCD including

  • Applications must demonstrate the following: 

    • Policy, systems, or environmental change strategies 

    • Health equity considerations 

    • Engagement with WV Health Connection 

    • Sustainability 

    • Commitment to a healthier work-place, organization, or group through the Good Example Contract 


Priority will be given to projects that exhibit one or more of the following

  • Applicants that address community clinic linkages

  • Applicants that have previously attended two MOH meetings 

  • Applicants that have used the most recent WV Cancer Burden Report data to strengthen this proposed project.

To apply or learn more...

Contact for mini-grant questions
Lauren McCauley-Hixenbaugh 
MOH Program Coordinator 

Learn more about MOH


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Logic Model

Check out the framework for this HPCD mini-grant initiative


Information about mini-grant evaluation

5 Asks

Find resources related to PSE changes, the Good Example Contract, WV Health Connection, health equity, and sustainability to guide your application

Data Sources

Data sources to support your application


Templates for how to share about your work