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Charleston Area Medical Center: Supporting Employee Health and Wellness

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

CAMC Employee National Diabetes Prevention Program

Offering diabetes prevention and self-management classes at work sites makes evidence-based programs more accessible to those who are at-risk. In 2017, the Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) piloted the National Diabetes Prevention Program to eligible employees. According to an analysis by Highmark, who serves as the third party claims administrator, 864 CAMC employees were diagnosed with diabetes and an additional 5,193 were at risk for prediabetes. CAMC estimated that they spend $12,000,000 on diabetes claims annually, 11% of employees and 16% of spouses had Type 2 Diabetes in 2017. Implementing NDPP for employees had the potential to save CAMC $13,700 per year, per employee.

The inaugural NDPP pilot began in February 2017 and included 15 participants who completed the 22 sessions of the program. An additional 4 support sessions were offered to the class. As a whole, the class reported 5-7% weight loss, for a total of 226.4 pounds. The greatest individual weight loss was 32.4 pounds. Anna Lucas, the Health and Wellness Coordinator and Jason Gladwell, an exercise physiologist led the class sessions. The CAMC NPDD class reported successful recruitment, retention, and outcomes.

“I was fortunate enough to find out about this class at just the right time. My weight had hit an all-time high. My A1C and blood pressure were elevated as a result. This class was motivational and educational. Having the support of the instructors and our small group was just what I needed. I added exercise and changed my diet. I was able to set long-term, reasonable expectations for myself and I am maintaining this healthier lifestyle.”- Participant

For more information please contact Anna Lucas at or Jessica Wright from the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, Health Promotion and Chronic Disease at

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