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WV Well@Work 

Monitor, Modify and Maintain Blood Pressure Program

West Virginia Bureau for Public Health Division of Health Promotion Chronic Disease 

The WV Well@Work Monitor, Modify and Maintain Blood Pressure Program is a self-monitored blood pressure program focused on making blood pressure (BP) stations available for employees at worksites.  In addition to these BP stations, a data entry portal has been created to help employees track their blood pressure over time.  The WV Well@Work Monitor, Modify and Maintain Blood Pressure Program is designed to give you the tools you need to keep track of your blood pressure in a safe, private, and convenient location with access to your records and trends.


Steps to using a blood pressure station and tracking your blood pressure 

1. Make sure you are relaxed with a recently emptied bladder. Don’t smoke, consume caffeine or exercise 30 minutes prior.

2. Roll up your sleeve or remove any tight-sleeved clothing.

3. Place blood pressure sleeve on bare skin, above elbow with the arrow aligned to the bend of your arm.

4. Rest in the chair for a few minutes and rest your forearm on the table with palm of hand facing up.

5. Press start button. Be still and do not talk. Place feet flat on the floor, with legs uncrossed.

6. Look for the OK in the lower right-hand corner of the machine. Take multiple times to assure accuracy.

7. Record your blood pressure on the wallet card provided.

8. Return to your desk and select the orange "WV Well@Work" button at the top of the WV Health Connection page.

9. Here you can access the data entry portal to record your blood pressure.

10. You can also provide your health care provider with records of your blood pressure readings by downloading the PDF provided after submitting your entry in the portal.

Additional information about WV Well@Work and blood pressure stations

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