Active Southern WV: 2020-2021 Work@Health Mini-Grant

To increase access to healthy food, physical activity and other strategies to improve employee wellness

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Mini-Grant Overview


Active Southern West Virginia, along with WV Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, is funding workplaces across West Virginia to increase access to healthy food, physical activity and other strategies to improve employee wellness. Workplaces must have more than 20 employees. These one-time mini grants are $1,000 per workplace.


Application guidelines

All applications must be received by be December 21, 2020 by 11:59 PM. Only one application per workplace will be considered. Mini-grants are competitive. Each application will be objectively ranked by a selection committee using this scoring rubric. The total number of projects funded is dependent on the requested amounts and the strength of the proposals. Projects may receive partial funding.


Mini-grants cannot be used to fund:

  • Activities taking place at school during the school day

  • One-time events

  • Clinical care

  • Furniture (office workout equipment is allowed)

  • Political purposes

  • Publicity or propaganda

More about Active Southern WV

Mission: Active Southern West Virginia is a non-profit providing an ecosystem of physical activity for the residents of southern West Virginia, by offering programs led by trained volunteers from within the communities they serve. By removing barriers, individuals are empowered to manage their own health in underserved coal-impacted communities, resulting in a healthier workforce. 

Vision: ASWV seeks for everyone to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Populations are targeted who face the greatest economic and social barriers. Improving health outcomes through behavioral change will strengthen community and economic development.

Applications Must Demonstrate the Following: the Five Asks from HPCD including

Mini-Grant Contact Information

Veronica Crosier

Workplace Wellness Director


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