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WV Health Connection

West Virginia Health Connection can help you with your initiative in several ways. They specifically focus on community-clinic linkages, connecting West Virginians with the interventions they need most and collecting and providing data to make sure we know who is  participating in interventions and how it helps them.  WV Health Connection can help you as a mini-grant applicant by providing technical assistance on offering a program in your community, becoming a recognized program or maintaining your accreditation, and data tracking, reporting, and participant feedback.

How can

WV Health


help you?

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Help you set up a program in your community

  • Logistics to set up program implementation

  • Connecting you with partners in your local community

  • Targeted participant recruitment and program promotion

For some mini-grant awardees, WV Health Connection can help with... 


  • Registering your organization with the CDC

  • Applying to become a recognized/accredited program

  • Implementation based on CDC standards

  • Ongoing reporting back to CDC/other accrediting body and funders

Provide technical assistance with data tracking and reporting 

  • Providing data entry forms to help with tracking data for program participants

  • Using electronic health record data to identify and enroll target populations

  • Tracking software for baseline information and individual session metrics

  • Additional reporting to monitor program outcomes over time

  • Ability to track referrals/interest for the program

  • Development of referral model between clinics and community organizations

  • Assistance with feedback process/loop for connecting with healthcare providers

  • Building an inventory and mapping local resources/programs

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