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West Virginia Chapter
National Hemophilia Foundation

Who We

A registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2014 to help meet the needs of the West Virginia bleeding disorders community. We offer assistance to our members and hold a variety of educational and community events. We strive to provide relevant and timely information about everything from raising affected children, to dealing with financial stress, joint health, treatment concerns, and much more.

What We Offer

  • Educational events, workshops, meetings and summer camps

  • Opportunities to meet and network with others in the community

  • Free medical ID jewelry for all members

  • Emergency financial assistance for bills, medical expenses, travel for healthcare, etc

  • Dental financial assistance for visits, cleanings, and treatment

  • Newsletters to keep up to date on events, opportunities, and treatments

  • Advocacy opportunities with state and federal representatives to ensure the needs of people with bleeding disorders is being heard

How to Get Involved

  • Attend chapter events

  • Educate yourself and others about bleeding disorders

  • Apply to be a board member

  • Volunteer your time

  • Become an advocate

  • Start a fundraiser

Contact Us! 

Phone: 304-212-2616
Visit for more info

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