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Grantee Evaluation Information

Public health evaluation is important for measuring overall program effectiveness. Evaluation gives funding agencies and project leaders feedback about project progression and uses data to report on successes and barriers. It can also show how communities have been impacted and identify potential areas of improvement. The West Virginia Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease (HPCD) uses evaluation to provide a way to establish shared goals and outcomes.


The West Virginia Prevention Research Center (WVPRC) will conduct an evaluation on behalf of HPCD to assess grantee projects from each facilitating organization. To do this, the WVPRC will  a final report at the conclusion of the grant period through email. Information collecting through these reports will include, but not limited to:


  • Policy, Systems, and Environment (PSE) Changes that were implemented

  • Health equity considerations

  • Sustainability planning

  • Counts of program participants or social media views

  • Successes and challenges of the project

  • Technical assistance needs (mid-year report only)


To see a version of the 2020-2021 final reports, please click on the following links. Subsequent final reports are subject to change.


Technical Assistance

The WVPRC is able to provide evaluation technical assistance to grantees to ensure that the information the WVPRC needs and you need to assess your project is collected over the grant cycle. If you need technical assistance, please contact Leesa Prendergast at

Additional Resources

Are you unsure about what evaluation means or what it entails? Below are several resources to help get you oriented to project evaluation.

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