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The Good Example Contract

The Good Example Contract helps mini-grant awardees work towards a healthier internal organization by committing to making policy, systems, and environmental changes to the organization to set a good example for the West Virginians, organizations, and communities that collaborate with mini-grant awardees.


The Good Example Contract lists a variety of ways mini-grant awardees can implement healthier choices, events, spaces, and policies related to nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco cessation.

"We ask you to set a good example as you carry out your grants, by not serving unhealthy food and drink, providing physical activity and

supporting tobacco free environments for employees/children/community members.

The lead partner must submit a good-example contract and HPCD will be checking in with awardees to see how they have incorporated the Good Example Contract into their work."

-the Division of Health Promotion

and Chronic Disease

Make good nutrition and healthy food and beverage consumption

a priority

 Provide healthy alternatives to sugar sweetened beverages, processed packaged food, and fried food at events, celebration, and meetings.

Find tasty ways to offer healthy food and drinks to staff and guests, including not purchasing sugar sweetened beverages, candy, potato chips, hot dogs, and other unhealthy foods to have on-hand at the workspace.

 Provide healthy food through vending machines and/or other special food projects.

 Participate in or provide educational seminars, workshops, or classes on nutrition.

 Promote and/or participate in your nearby farmers market which sells fruits and vegetables.

Figure out if you have a written policy or informal/formal communication that makes healthier food and beverage choices available in vending machines, cafeterias, or snack bars. If you don't have one, work to implement one!

Make physical activity a priority

Have physical activity breaks during meetings, every half an hour or so.

Post signs in elevators, stairwell entrances, and/or exits in the workplace to promote stairwell usage, parking further away, lunch walks, walking meetings, etc.

Provide environmental supports for recreation or physical activity

(i.g. maps of walking/biking trails, bicycle racks, a basketball court, etc.).

Help organize at least one local event that promotes physical activity in your community.

Organize or support a free exercise program for your staff, community, or partners (i.g. running club, Zumba class, yoga, etc.).

Partner with schools and/or the community to increase physical activity through Shared Use programming.

Make tobacco prevention

cessation a priority

 Implement a written policy banning tobacco use at your location.

 Actively enforce a written policy banning tobacco use.

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